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Please Note The following

❌Everyone remove anything you have that is pre October 1st on the opportunity calls.

❌PLEASE REMOVE & ask the community to do also politely speak to your community urgently

❌If you have a team video showing the back office at all Please Remove

More work to do in removing items

🙏if you have a website please You submit to compliance for it to be passed before being used. No registration links/screenshots of registration allowed on webites 🙏

If you come across anything on Facebook social media pre Oct 1st
Please ask politely
❌Please note all materials pre October 1st 2021 are to be removed as requested by compliance, if not removed you could potentially have your account froze until it’s done❌

If they do not then find their ID as they are obviously building a business and submit the link along with their ID to compliance




IMPORTANT Hyperfund Compliance Notice🔸*

Members are NOT to:
Make ANY income or lifestyle claims at all in testimonials,
NOT to Show Hyperfund backoffice, NOT use old slides which mentioning DigitalX etc,
NOT use non-compliant investment terms like “Dollars, ROI (Return on Investment), Investment, Compound Interest, Dividends, returns etc” when referring to HUnit rewards, NO investment strategy advice, this is not what Hyperfund is.


*REMOVE ALL HYPER POSTS, VIDEOS, LINKS from social media Inc YouTube etc.*

*Alert members directly to remove non compliant posts, if they outright ignore your friendly approach, only then bother compliance with it… do not turn into the enemy… we are cleaning this up together as a family, you are not hyper police.*

“Hyperfund is not an investment of any kind, Hyperfund is a membership platform with benefits that includes passive Rewards, hence, why we never use financial or investment terms, and why we should not ever show our personal backoffice which can indicate expected results that may not apply to everyone.

Hyperfund does not manage an investment account or deposit account of any kind for members and should never be portrayed as such. We are not a hedge fund or investment club.

“It’s recommended all members carefully and multiple times watch the Official Compliance Training Video

(password 1360).

“Also, join and read the “Hyperfund Compliance Basics” at the Hyperfund Official Facebook Page, found in the Files section.