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HyperFund accounts must be funded with USDT Tether.

Everyone is excited and wants to get their accounts funded as quickly as possible. 

If you already have cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, etc.) it is an easy process to convert to USDT.

If you do not own any Crypto there are a few options that your sponsor can help you with.

  1. Buy BTC from CashApp & convert to USDT (provided you have done KYC) 
  2. Buy USDT from your sponsor or other team member using CashApp, Zelle or Bank Wire.
  3. Register on a Crypytocurrency exchange and purchase USDT/BTC
    This option will usually incur a waiting period 7- 14 days for funds to be available.

It is recommended if you are going to purchase a large membership ($5K +) get registered on one of the exchanges and buy your crypto. You can purchase a Minimum membership in the beginning to get started and have access to your account and invitation link. You can purchase your large membership when funds are available on your exchange.

You may also select to send a bank wire to one of our Leaders to fund your account with USDT. Speak with your sponsor for your best option.

Crypto Exchanges to buy Crypto

Here are some US exchanges to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Hawaii Friendly Exchanges