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Hyper Mining is a cloud mining service within the HyperTech ecosystem that aims to give everybody a chance to start mining cryptocurrencies without the need for expensive equipment or high technical knowledge.

HyperMining offers users to chance to mine Filecoin through cloud mining, a decentralised storage services where anyone can buy and sell cloud storage.

The mining rigs are housed and maintained by us, and you as the customer only need to register and purchase hash rate to receive mining rewards in your account.

HyperMining aims to put the task of making mining accessible not only for crypto-enthusiasts but also for common users.

Mining has never been easier.


The MatRiCT Protocol, a PATENTED technology licensed to HCash exclusively.

The MatRiCT Protocol, a PATENTED technology licensed to HCash exclusively, has been coined “most efficient in the WORLD” by CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency 👀👉 https://algorithm.data61.csiro.au/new-form-of-blockchain-protocol-coined-most-efficient-in-the-world

Even during a global pandemic, the HyperTech Group is developing cutting edge technology with top scientists in Australia and with official government support 🇦🇺