NovaTech Back Office Intro Video including funding.

How To Re-Invest Bonus and your Commission earnings.

Every Friday is payday for the Trading Accounts. Every Saturday is payday for sponsor commissions. You can withdraw or re-invest earnings from both and is the same process.

  1. Login to Novatech back office…
  2. In Menu on left side of page select E-Wallet and the click login to E-Wallet to se amount in Bonus Account. You can invest whole dollar amount only, not cents.
  3. Now select Funding in the Menu and click Upgrade Account
  4. Top right, Change the 1 to the amount you want to reinvest of your bonus and Click Add Funds.
  5. Payment Method will be E-Wallet and put in 4 digit PIN you created (personal identification number)
  6. Check form has correct amount and check boxes for the Agreements.
  7. Click Validate and Upgrade Account Now
  8.  Click OK

WithdrawalsBefore your ready to withdraw, you need to choose the Crypto you want to withdraw and put your receive address. This address will be from your external Crypto Platform you are using. example: (, Kraken, etc.

  1. Login to Novatech back office…
  2. In Menu on left side of page select E-Wallet and the click Wallet Address Update
  3. Choose the Crypto you want and paste your receive address for that Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT ERC20), then click Save Coin Wallet Address.
  4. To request withdraw click on E-Wallet and at top of page click Request For Cashout.
  5. You will see…    REQUEST CASH OUT


    Verify wallet address BEFORE requesting withdrawal. NovaTech is NOT responsible for funds sent to the wrong wallet. Requests missing a valid wallet address will be DENIED.

    Your PIN number is required to handle all transactions.

    Funds are transferred to the NOVATECH, LTD Holding Account (Account # OM901129096498636D) for approval. BONUS requests require 24 to 48 hours for processing and are subject to a withdrawal fee (Min withdrawals may apply.) TRADING requests require up to 7 to 14 business days for processing and are subject to a 15% early processing fee within the first 90 days of registration.

    Click to Proceed below.