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NovaTech Registration and Funding
Note: Due to Fridays and Saturdays being paydays, it is highly recommended to only do registrations Sundays thru Thursdays as traffic is very high on paydays and site very slow.

If you do not have a sponor, email, for a referral link of one of our Team members. 

Step 1. Decide on Investment level and if you do not already have Crypto, purchase your Crypto, BTC, LTC, ETH, or USDT ERC20 before you register an account. Purchase extra for fees.

Where to buy Crypto: Check out the rules and timeframes for crypto to be available on each platform.
        A. CashApp – Bitcoin (easiest and quickest if you have your KYC done) Good for under $2000 investent.       
        B. – Get the App – Has a 24 hour hold on new wallet addresses so must have the Defi Wallet and buy through there for quicker service.
        C. – Instant buy with Credit/Debit Cards or Bank. Send to your personal wallet.
        E. – Good exchange for Hawaii
        H. Buy Crypto in back office: Quick and easy but very high fees.

Be sure Crypto you purchased is available for withdrawal before you register for Novatech.

Step 2. Create your account with the link provided by your Sponsor (get their ID number as well as you will be asked for it) MUST BE FUNDED WITHIN 48 HOURS   

Step 3. During registration you will create a 4-digit pin. (*remember your 4-digit PIN as you will need it for withdrawals.)

Step 4.  Once your account is created go to your Back office. –

A. Click Funding

B. Select Enrolment packages (the first time you set up your trading account)

C. Pick the package within the dollar amount you are funding with (in USD) Example if Silver then click on “Enroll now” under that package. You can type in any amount between the amounts given for the package selected.

D. Top right-hand corner you can enter the amount wanted within the range of package selected, then click “add funds.”

E. Payment method, select Coinpayment (choose your crypto currency, BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT-ERC20)

F. Check over order review, check Agreements


H. UPGRADE ACCOUNT NOW -Confirm information is correct You will now be directed to coin payments

I. Scan QR code (or copy and paste wallet address) *please note wallets expire after 24 hours
J. SEND THE EXACT AMOUNT REQUESTED FROM COIN PAYMENTS (You need to pay attention to how the crypto platform you are using charges fees.) Do they add to or subtract from the amount? If they subtract from amount sending, you will need to add the fee amount to the amount you are sending. You need make sure Novatech is receiving the exact amount they tell you!!

K. Once sent you can click on “What to do next” scroll down and go to “Click here” to see the progression of your transaction. Keep this page open until it says PAID or COMPLETE. Coin payments has received your funds and is directing them to Novatech.  

L. You can then log back into Novatech Back office and Scroll down to the eWallet area where you will see your trading account balance.

Step 5. If you fail to send the exact amount, Coinpayments may send you an email stating you have a refund. You must claim the refund and then create a new order package and resubmit your payment.

Step 6. Once account is confirmed and funded go to your E-wallet and select Wallet address Update. This is where you input the receive address of the crypto you want to be paid with: BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT ERC20. Keep that page open as you will need to attach Google Authenticator before address will be saved.

Step 7. Watch Training Videos

Step 8. Referral Link – You will see 2 links in your back office. Use the one that ends with enroll. All new members will go into a holding tank and you will have 48 hours to place them where you want them. After that they will be placed automatically on your front line. You do not want more than 3 frontline legs so always place your new members within the 48 hours. Build Deep.