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Who is Donietta Aguilar Ramirez?

Born and raised in Indiana I am the daughter of a Superintendent and a Pastor. I attended college in Ohio studying business and accounting. I later returned to school to get a degree in construction management. As someone who believes in lifelong learning, I have over the years earned licenses and certifications in real estate, insurance and accounting. In recent years I have taken time alongside my husband to build an up and coming construction business that I am including educating the world on how to eliminating usery.

I met my husband in Indiana after college and we have 7 beautiful children. We enjoy attending Bayside Community Church where I sing in the choir and volunteer with youth activities. This connection with our church is one of the driving forces behind how we envision our partnership with the Exist family of entities becoming a movement for change through helping others. It is truly my dream to share the freedom that comes with understanding the true meaning of Freedom, Equity and Wealth.

Professional Vision: Through networking and relationships that I have built over the years locally and around the world I see a need that we at Modern 9 Design Property Solutions can fill. My experience in Bank Management, Real Estate, Tax Planning, Construction, and Insurance allows me to provide a full-service experience for those I can help. From home purchase, construction, and design to the basics of smart financials I look to remove the weight and control of debt and usury. I am on a mission to teach the world one family at a time that we no longer need to give over control of our finances and wealth creation to the Banks and Mortgage Companies.

The Promise:

“I will always work hard to represent your best interest and make sure you understand your rights of usury of your own property. Honesty, Integrity, ethical decision making, confidentiality, and persistence are the principals I live and work by. Fulfilling your wishes and giving you 100% control of your equity is my goal and seeing you become financially free is how I measure my success.”

The Call:

I urge those reading this site to step outside of your traditional way of thinking and allow for a moment just to allow us to show you our plan and our process. I can guarantee that we have something you have never seen before in one package.

“If We Can Show You A Way To Retire Your Debts Including Your Mortgage Loan In 3 Months Instead Of The Traditional 30 Long Years Or Access To 100% Of The Value Of Your Property With No Interest & No monthly Payment Would You Give Us Your Time To Find Out How?” Allow me to show you true Freedom, Equity and Wealth!!

Donietta Aguilar Ramirez