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False Reporting to extort money from MLM Companies
You will notice they continually report on popular programs that get a lot of traffic.
One of their ridiculous reports on HyperVerse

View HVT Transactions on BSCSCAN

This report explains truth and the agenda of these false scam reports.

Review of Deceptive reporting by BehindMLM

Let’s be sensible and look at the credible sources for information.

View Hyper Due Diligence Document

One of the most credible sources, I believe, is the six episode documentary done by Amazon Prime, The Next Blockchain. This documentary is not about HyperVerse or any of the Hyper Tech Eco System but it gives great credibility of the owners of HyperVerse and how dedicated they are to the Blockchain and Crypto industry.

Would Amazon Prime do a documentary on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry and interview Ryan Xu and Sam Lee as major players in the industry if they were scammers?

Watch recording of Episode 6 of the documentary Next Blockchain from Amazon Prime…