Buying Crypto

Buy Crypto on Paybis with Credit Card & Debit Card!


First sign up and do your KYC before placing buy order.

Buy Crypto with Credit/Debit Card. 


After registering login and click on name at top and select Verification in drop down box. Follow steps to upload front and back of ID and take selfie. (Be preparred with good clear copy of ID on your desktop or you can take picture of ID with your cell phone during the process. Verification will done in minutes and you can proceed to buy Bitcoin.

Once verified you can place your Buy Order

NOTE****This is an International purchase so be sure to call your Bank/Card (Fraud Dept.) to tell them you are making an International payment in the amount of your buy before you click the Pay button to process the payment.

600Be sure to pay attention to the amount of Crypto, Bitcoin, USDT, etc you need to purchase and then click Buy. 

You will be sending the Crypto you purchase directly to the receiving address of the program or your personal wallet for the specific Crypto, Bitcoin, USDT, Bitcoin Cash Ethereum or whatever it happens to be. Be sure the receiving address is of the same crypto  you are buying. These are sample addresses for Bitcoin, USDT Tether, ERC20 and TRC20. Notice the difference between ERC20 and TRC20. Do not attempt to type the address! Always copy and paste! 

ERC20: 0x782Efa0d429471080A7E87De5594acA59819A0f7
TRC20: TDDsXrbZnHscE9Ey9wwtcjVjiKE1uUnWbb


Click Continue and fill out Card details. (Call your Bank/Card (Fraud Dept.) Tell them you are making an International purchase for the amount of ______ and please allow it to process.

Take note of the transaction ID# and take a picture of completed transactions for your records.